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Temporary Outage

Due to a recent power outage, Day Care Resources will be closed for the rest of today. If you need to contact us please email any questions or concerns to

Thanks, Day Care Resources


2017 Tax Statements

The 2017 tax statements have been mailed. We are aware of a problem with the tax statements properly displaying the amount of reimbursement for own/foster children and we are working on resolving the issue. If you did not receive yours, please call the office at (309) 925-2274. Thank you!

Job Openings

Know anyone interested in joining the Day Care Resources Team?  Check out the openings we have available in Northern Illinois from our Contact Us Page or click here.

Updated CCAP Training Requirements

IDHS has issued REVISED Child Care Assistance Program Health, Safety and Child Development Training.
Modules 1 through 4 must be completed by September 30, 2017. Modules 5 through 9 must be completed by September 30, 2018. Click on the link to read the entire training.

New CCAP Requirements

NOTICE:  New CCAP requirements.  If you want to be approved by IDHS to bill for CCAP children, you will have to take required trainings before October 1, 2017.  These trainings must be recorded in Gateways in order for IDHS to confirm your compliance.

To register for training go to
For actual training courses go to
For CCAP training click on the purple "CCAP Provider Required Training" box.

If you have questions you can consult the IDHS website  or call your local resource and referral office.

Who is required to complete the training?
In Illinois, all home-based providers participating in CCAP will have to meet certain minimum training requirements.  For more information you can view the complete announcement from IDHS here:
Licensed Providers Announcement
License Exempt Providers Announcement

KidKare is here!

 In order to use KidKare, you must be switched over by Day Care Resources. If you would like to get switched over to KidKare before your transition date, please call the office and ask to speak to someone from the KidKare Support Team. All web providers will be transitioned to KidKare by October 1, 2017. There is a KidKare Workbook available for providers in the Provider area of our website.

The 800 number is working again

 Recently we experienced some technical problems with our 800 number. The issue has been resolved and the 800 number is working again. Thank you for your patience.

2016 Tax Statements

 The 2016 tax statements have been mailed. If you have any questions, please call the office at (309) 925-2274. Thank you!

DCFS Upcoming Forum

DCFS has recently updated their day care licensing rules, policies, and procedures. They are hosting forums throughout the state in the month of September for providers to come and hear about the changes.

Click here to check out the flyer to find the forum in your area:
DCFS Flyer

Also, here is the link for all of the recent updates to the DCFS rules:

Take a minute to look at the link so that you are aware of the changes that are happening. 

New USDA Meal Patterns

On Monday, April 25, USDA announced new meal patterns for the Child and Adult Care Food Program. The changes focus on simplifying infant menus, limiting added sugar and create opportunities to serve more fruits and vegetables. For example, providers will soon be able to serve both a fruit and a vegetable at snack, such as apples and celery. Your food program is hard at work designing new materials like instruction books, menus and recipes for a smooth transition. More details will be coming soon!

Learn more about the changes at the USDA website:


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Extended Capacity Change - Own Children

Recently, DCFS issued notification, “When a licensee has been granted the extended school-age capacity addendum in writing, a caregiver’s own full-time school age children may be counted in the additional 4 school-age children provided that when there are more than 8 children in care, a qualified assistant is present in the home”.    

To take advantage of the rule change you must contact DCFS.

We asked about the change and here is what we found out.  DCFS Information Sheet.

Same Great Service in a New Location!

We moved into our new building just in time for the holidays! We are now open and ready to serve YOU, our valued clients! Thank you so much for your patience during our move.

Our new phone number is: (309)-925-2274
Mail your enrollments, menus and paperwork to: PO Box 1103, Tremont IL 61568

Please use up any old envelopes you may have! We will continue to receive mail from both locations during our transition. Thanks for your help!

Low Fat Milk Reminder

 Please make sure you are serving 1% OR skim milk to all children ages 2 and older. If your monitor (DCR, ISBE, or USDA) observes high fat milk being served to ages 2 and older, you may be disallowed. This could affect your reimbursement! This rule began October 1, 2011 as part of the USDA Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act (2010). 

low fat milk reminder 11-13.doc: Download

Creditability Update

Dried meat snacks are no longer creditable on the Food Program (USDA TA 05-2011). This includes:

- Beef Jerky, Salmon Jerky, Seafood Jerky, Turkey Jerky
- Pepperoni Sticks
- Dried Poultry Nuggets
- Smoked Snack Sticks
- Summer Sausage

The ISBE Crediting Foods Guide (8/11) states these products "do not serve the customary function of meat in a meal." Due to this change, Beef Jerky (Meat #4) will no longer be listed on our Minute Menu food list. Pepperoni can only be claimed on Child Nutrition (CN) labelled pizzas. If you are serving homemade pizza, please claim cheese on the pizza instead.

summer sausage.WMF: Download

New Tests!

Earn training hours for your day care! New tests include: 

Program Guide (Category: Other)   *NEW

Fruits & Vegetable Facts (Category: Nutrition)   *NEW

Tabla de patrón de comida para niños (Category: Espa�ol)   *NEW

Meal Pattern Chart For Children (Category: Meal Pattern)   *NEW

Guía de menús quiz (Category: Espa�ol)   *NEW

Recipes for Healthy Kids

The Recipe for Healthy Kids Competition challenged teams of school nutrition professionals, chefs, students, parents, and other community members to develop tasty, creative, and kid-approved recipes. 30 of the recipes from the competition have been compiled into cookbooks that can be used in homes and day care centers.

If you would like to check out some of the recipes, the website is:


New USDA Ruling

Snack type items (such as cheese puffs, corn curls, veggie stix, veggie straws, and veggie chips) are NOT creditable on the Food Program.

To be creditable as a grain/bread, a product must meet two criteria:
1)      The first ingredient must be enriched or whole grain meal and/or flour AND
2)      The grain/bread must be listed on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart (found in the ISBE Meal Pattern Chart).
Example: “Sun Chips” are CREDITABLE.
1)      The first ingredient in “Sun Chips” is whole corn.
2)      Corn chips are listed in Group B of the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.
Example: “Cheetos” are NOT creditable.
1)      The first ingredient is enriched flour.
2)      Cheetos/corn curls are NOT listed on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.
Example: “Rold Gold Pretzels” are CREDITABLE.
3)      The first ingredient is enriched flour.
4)      Hard pretzels are listed in Group A on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.

Create your menus online with Minute Menu.

  • You can choose to use one of our convenient menu plans, EZ Menus or Master Menus, or create your own scheduled menus.
  • You can even print out a weekly menu to use as a shopping list or to post for day care parents!
  • At the end of the month, send your menu electronically from the comfort of your own home. With less trips to the post office, you’re sure to save money and time.

Visit to learn about this exciting program.

  1. Click on green "Login" box in upper right hand corner.
  2. Type “996000991” for the login and “temporar” for the password, then click Login
  3. When it says All tests passed, click "Click Here to Open WebKids".

Keep in mind this is a sample account for providers across the nation. This account can give you an idea of how WebKids works, but can be busy at times. To get started with Minute Menu, call our office at 1-800-238-0555.

!Ahora se puede hacer los mens por el internet en espanol tambin!

  1. Pruebe el programa Minute Menu hoy: para explorar una muestra del programa, vaya al sitio y haga clic al lado izquierdo donde dice “Proveedoras Actuales, Versión en Español.”
  2. Luego usted puede usar 996000991 para la clave de identificación y temporar para la contraseña.
  3. Para entrar, haga clic en el botón que dice “submit” y luego en el botón que dice “Abrir WebKids”.

Para mas información o para recibir sus propias clave y contraseña y empezar oficialmente, llame a la oficina al 1-800-238-0555.